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Artist Statement

My writing celebrates change and the journey people take to empower themselves through learning, crisis, and acceptance. The ideas behind my work are drawn from personal experience and thrown, (intentionally recklessly), into historic settings. I respect history, and I expect that you will be compelled to seek out more information on the actual historical events I refer to in my work. Sometimes that rabbit hole will go deep, and I want to get you hooked on the same historical anecdotes that I find so fascinating.

Some of the themes I explore are dark, sullen, moody, and border on the macabre. All the same, I enjoying folding a bit light of fantasy into my historical fiction. A close reader might find that those fantasy elements are based on traditional mythology, which can be a fun ride in their own right. You might wonder if my writing is overly bleak…fear not, dear reader. Just as there is always a spot of darkness in the light, there is always a ray of light in the darkness. Let us reach for those together. The darkness or the light. Whichever you prefer. I find comfort in both.

If this sounds intriguing to you, then you may be interested in my current project…

The Cistercian Path, a new historical fiction / medieval fantasy series set in the crumbling ruins of a barely functional monastery where a peaceful collective of itinerant monks is shaken by a nightmarish power that has taken root in the dark corners of the abbey. I blend elements of gothic horror and dark fantasy to blur the line between the real world and the paranormal as my characters are confronted with moral dilemmas and emotional distress in the face of an unknown terror. Everyone has a past and a secret they don’t want to share, but in the shadow of a nightmare, anything can happen. Through this all I weave a narrow beam of light: an element of supernatural whimsy based on folklore. Seek it out and hold onto it tightly, lest it pass you by.

Don’t be left in the dark...

unless that is exactly what you’re looking for.

April 14, 2024

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